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In 2007, Dr. Gosiengfiao introduced modern eye care to Cagayan Valley when he founded the Northwestern Eye Center. Together with Dr. Chris Barasi, Dr. Jeff Calubaquib and Dr. Anjun Madrid, they pioneered a new era in ophthalmology in Cagayan Valley. Today, they continue moving forward to bring excellent eye care to the region.

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Correct diagnosis begins with visualization. Here at Northwestern Eye Center, we invest in technology to see and measure what the naked eye cannot. Augmented reality, or AR, has made remarkable strides in revolutionizing various industries, and eye care is no exception. By seamlessly blending digital content with the real world, AR enhances the way we diagnose, treat, and manage visual conditions. From assisting in accurate eye examinations to simulating vision impairments for educational purposes, AR opens up a realm of possibilities to optimize eye care experiences and empower both patients and practitioners. Step into a new dimension where the future of eye care unfolds before your eyes with augmented reality.

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One such groundbreaking technique that we specialize in is " Laser and Minimally Invasive Microsurgery". With these innovative procedures, we strive to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes and a swift recovery. At Northwest Eye Center, we understand that eye surgeries can be daunting, but our team of highly skilled ophthalmologists are dedicated to utilizing the latest advancements in medical technology. Laser and Minimally Invasive Microsurgery are two such revolutionary approachesthat have transformed the field of ophthalmology, allowing us to address a wide range of eye conditions with precision and effciency.

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