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Eye Care
for Filipinos

World-class specialists

Our medical team combines world-class training, extensive experience, and a passion for providing excellent care, to protect and enhance your vision. With a combined experience of thousands of successful surgeries, our doctors can provide you the excellent care you deserve. 

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Advanced technology

To aid our doctors in providing accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatments, the Northwestern Eye Center has invested in technology to see beyond what the naked eye can see. These advanced tools aid in tailoring personalized treatment plans and ensure you receive the most effective and appropriate care for your unique vision needs.

Friendly and helpful staff


Through out your visit, our staff will ensure you are comfortable and feel at ease. Feel free to talk to us. We are committed to making your experience both productive and enjoyable. Trust us to provide the care you need with a touch of kindness and compassion.

Ophthalmologists Dr. Gosiengfiao
US-trained Eye Surgeon
Dr. David Gosiengfiao


Even though Dr. David Gosiengfiao finished his Glaucoma subspecialty training at the prestigious Harvard Medical School - Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, his heart remained in the Philippines and returned to practice here in our beloved Tuguegarao. Dr. Gosiengfiao is the inventor of the insulin eye drop for which a patent is pending.

Eye World Magazine
Featured in Eye World's "Best of Ophthalmology"


can affect your eyes. The American Diabetes Association recommends regular eye check ups if you have diabetes or are at risk for developing it.

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